We are calling it INAUGURAL to signal the fact that it’s not a one-off event. We have not had a fully-fledged marathon in Port Moresby, or anywhere in Papua New Guinea (PNG) since 1998, and we are committed to ensuring that this time around, it will be conducted annually.

We are calling it AMAZING to link the event to the Amazing Port Moresby promotional campaign. See: www.amazingportmoresby.com

We are calling it PORT MORESBY because that is the venue for our event: the capital of PNG. Please feel free to call it by its airport code: POM. That’s what we locals call it. 

You may have heard stories about PNG, but we want you to come and see what it’s really like. It is an Amazing place. PNG is the most linguistically and ethnically diverse country in the world. We have more living languages (850 at last count) and living cultures than anywhere else on Earth. Most of them are extant in Port Moresby. We have plenty of international languages and cultures too. Truly Amazing. You will also be amazed by the hospitality and the beaming friendliness of the people.

We are calling it INTERNATIONAL to highlight the special invitation we are issuing to all people outside PNG to come to our little paradise. If you are an international participant you will be treated like royalty.

We are calling it a MARATHON because that is exactly what it’s going to be: 42.195 kilometres or 26 miles 385 yards.

Not up to the Full Marathon, don’t worry, we will also be having a Half Marathon and a 10km Race which you can enter.
We are Port Moresby Road Runners (POMRR). To see our current calendar of events, click the button below. We have been conducting running events on the streets of Papua New Guinea’s capital for the last 40 years. This is the welcome we give to everyone: “All runners, joggers & walkers are invited to participate. People with disabilities are especially welcome. Whether training for the 2024 Olympics or just in need of fresh air and friendly company, Road Runners is for you. No one is too fast, too slow or too old. Events start at 4:00pm every Saturday unless otherwise indicated. Entry fee for each event is 20 toea!” We pride ourselves in providing a welcoming, inclusive environment for all-comers. Most of our participants are Papua New Guineans and we have people of all walks of life taking part. 
None. We don’t believe in “cut-off times”. Take as long as you like and you will be greeted at the finish line with big Papua New Guinean smiles and given an official time.
You probably already know that PNG is not, in economic terms, a wealthy country. And not many of our members are wealthy, so just in case you are wondering what assistance you can provide to our ‘grass roots’ folk, here are two ideas: First, if you have any old running shoes or running apparel (shirts, shorts, caps etc) that you might no longer use, don’t throw them out but throw them in your suitcase and we will find them a new home in POM. We will be having our normal Saturday POMRR events on the afternoon before the marathon, so any gifts can be presented then. Secondly, you can sponsor one of our local runners, by paying their entry fee, this is best done by making a cash donation when prompted on the race entry portal.  Your generosity will be matched with the biggest smiles you are ever likely to encounter anywhere in the world.

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